Alive? YES!

Alive? YES!

I've been a bit incognito here, I know, but I was up in Oregon enjoying some family time and some snow time. Also, some freezing time, because damn it's cold up there!

But, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who hangs around my little corner of the web. I promise to have some real posts soonish. Or maybe I'll just be playing a lot of Just Dance 4 and get too distracted to make anything from my three new cookbooks? NO! I will!

Promises, promises. But I do. Promise.

Happy 2013!

- Sytycd S10 - Top 10 Perform, 2 Eliminated
We're down to the top 10! Though I must admit, I feel like this has kind of been on forever, and we're only halfway there? Yikes. Also, news ALERT! I'm going to be on a cruise next week, so I may or may not (likely not) going to be able to...

- Sytycd S9: Salt Lake City Auditions
Guess what! This is finally the last audition episode before Vegas week! Honestly I think Vegas week is maybe my favorite episode of each season, so I'm happy these auditions are finally over. But you know what made me crack up? During the preview...

- Chuck 4x22 "...vs. Agent X"
I don't know about the rest of you, but by the end of the episode, I was practically yelling at my TV to get on with it already, because I had so totally figured out who Agent X was by the time of the big "reveal." I mean, duh. No, I didn't know...

- Supernatural: Top 10 Songs (seasons 1-5)
As iconic as the '67 Impala the Winchesters drive is the music they blast from it. While the rest of the shows on the CW play hipster indie pop, Supernatural likes to keep it old school with some classic rock. Since the music has become a sort of...

- ...set: Chuck 3x19 "chuck Versus The Ring: Part Ii"
Up until the last couple minutes of this episode, it really felt like this one could've been a series ender, had that been the case/need. As we all know by now, though, Chuck is coming back for another season! I wonder if they had it planned so that...