Philippine Army Modernization - Arms Acquisition

Philippine Army Modernization - Arms Acquisition

List of Philippine Military Arms and Protection Acquisition 2013

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- House Representative Request Military For Wish List
A hearing conducted by the House Committee on National Defense and Security earlier this month ,The Chairman and Muntinlupa Rep. Rodolfo Biazon  stated that the Department of National Defense (DND) should submit a “wish list” so that the Congress...

- Philippine Air Force 2014 Major Acquisition
Year 2014 is a challenging year of Philippines air security where a tension is high but Philippine air force unable to  do its fullest role because of equipment scarcity. With this updated list of Philippine Air Force modernization project and some...

- Philippine Army – Anti Armored Capability
The capability refers to a military unit's ability to destroy enemy armor units in the battlefield. The Anti-armor is provided by the 90mm and 57mm recoilless rifles, of which there are sufficient numbers in the armory. The weapons are being operated...

- Raytheon To Build Border Security In The Philippines
Raytheon a  US Company had been awarded a contract design worth 18 Million US dollars to build a  National Coast Watch center for the  Philippines. The project includes: Integration of data from various agencies installation training...

- Armed Forces Of The Philippines - Armored Vehicle
A top 10 list of Philippine Military Armored Vehicle. FV101 Scorpion 65 unitsSimba UK armed with 25mm Bushmaster cannon, 17 armored ambulance and command variantsCommando V150 V-150S variants 120Bravia Chaimite V-200 20M113  Some converted to armored...